Director & Camera & Edit by Hirofumi Beppu

Music by iu takahashi















KOUGEI NOW 2019 Kyoto Crafts Exhibition  at Hotel Kanra Kyoto

Theme: Intimate Kougei


Group exhibition Eight Gestures

Background music iu takahashi “beautiful dining”

March 2019, at Hotel Kanra Kyoto in Kyoto, Japan,

artists who are active in the local gather, use the hotel rooms, displayed and sold their works.

The textile work Eight Gestures in the event is a group exhibition by eight groups.

beautiful dining by iu takahashi was used for the introduction video and background music of the group exhibition.




ホテルカンラ京都 KOUGEI NOW 2019 「親密な工芸」




iu takahashi 「beautiful dining」楽曲使用


m.Funatabi Hand-dyed textile brand


Sound iu takahashi

Movie Hirofumi Beppu


iu takahashi created music to the video of hand-dyed textile brand m.Funatabi’s production process.

She made field recording using the sound of the sea according to the brand name Funatabi (Voyage), expressed the beauty of the fabric that is gradually colored.


m.Funatabi   手染めテキスタイルブランド


Sound  iu takahashi

Movie  Hirofumi Beppu